Oct 31, 2009

Zeno Mini Acne Treatment Device

Zeno Mini Acne Treatment Device   The Zeno system does work, but it's not magic - it basically can help limit or prevent moderate size pimples by using heat to kill the bacteria that causes the pimple. It is not meant for the small stuff - whiteheads and the like - or the really large cystic acne.
The product works well, and the instructions are very clear. I encourage you to take the recommendation in the manual to try it out on your arm first to get an idea of how hot the tip gets. I found it very tolerable, but if you're very sensitive to heat it could be considered uncomfortable.
I tend to get mostly small whiteheads, and those are very effectively treated using standard over the counter stuff, such as the creams and washes that use salicylic acid. Once in a while, however, a larger pimple comes along that is immune to conventional treatment. That's when the Zeno comes in handy.
It's very easy to use -- basically just clean the tip with alcohol, turn it on, wait for it to hear up (there are beeps that tell you what to do) then hold it against the pimple. Don't press hard - just hold it against the skin. For best results you need to start early when you can basically feel the pimple but it is not (or barely) visible. Wait too long and you're out of luck.
The biggest downside is that you have to be patient -- you need to apply the tip for 2.5 minutes. Doesn't sound like much time, but while you are doing it it can seem like an eternity. The other point to keep aware of is that it will leave your skin red where it was used. I'm very fair skinned, so the mark was visible for a couple of hours before it faded. The harder you press, the most significant the mark, so use a light touch. Not a big deal, but something to keep aware of when determining when to use the Zeno (i.e., it's best in the evening before bed so the red mark will fade overnight).
I've used it so far against two pimples. The first one it stopped in its tracks -- only needed one treatment to do so. The second time the Zeno was a bit less effective -- despite three treatments the pimple did develop. On the plus side, it stayed small, and faded away faster than normal, so Zeno was effective. Overall I'm pleased with the product. While it is not perfect, it does help.  Zeno Mini Acne Treatment Device

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